Tuesday, August 18, 2015

24 Hour SALE! Get 15% Off Programs!

24 HOUR SALE! 15% OFF all workout bundles!!


Each workout is a 4 week at-home program with full step-by-step picture guides and exercise directory! Features 40 different moves that are designed to target the abs and love handles and a full 30 days of workouts that never repeat. No equipment is needed!

To buy:
3 Workouts Bundle: https://sellfy.com/p/m00v/-FITMOM/
3 Workouts + Meal Plan Bundle:https://sellfy.com/p/vKki/-FITMOM/

What you get:
💟 Four weeks of Workouts Per Plan
💟 detailed picture exercise examples in PDF format
💟 Immediate download when purchasing from a laptop.
💟 Copy is also emailed to you just in case!
💟 available on iPhone/android/computer

(If you are only interested in one workout, each can be bought sseparately here: https://sellfy.com/SiaAlexisCooper)

"So, what if I buy the bundle? How do I do all three workouts?" For the bundle you alternate days! For example...
Monday butt day 1
Tuesday ab day 1
Wednesday arm day 1
Thursday butt day 2
Friday ab day two
Saturday and Sunday rest
Pick back up on Monday by doing arm day 2, and so forth!
This actually turns it into a 12 week program!

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